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BRAVE is a grassroots group that formed in January 2021. Local governments picked winners (big companies) over losers (small businesses) with their COVID-19 response. Huge corporations with BIG box stores and enormous internet GIANTS like Amazon flooded the local business landscape when government officials ordered...

  • Mom and pop shops to close their doors! 
  • People to stay home, killing the local customer base!
  • Families to keep their kids out of schools, sports, and camps.
  • Churches and religious organizations to cease in-person worship.

Finally this grassroots group of business owners, customers, and supporters said: ENOUGH! We have a right to make a living! We have a right to do business! BRAVE was born! 

Why join us now? Because there is strength in numbers! 

Before COVID-19 many of us were busy taking care of our homes, families, businesses, and lives. We were personally responsible and independent. We were free to pursue our dreams and create our family's futures. COVID-19 policies strive to replace our independence with dependence on the government to tell us how to live, where we can go, what we can do, who we can visit with, and where we can shop! ENOUGH!

We band together to share resources, information, opportunities, inspiration, and guidance. The library will be open soon. There BRAVE members will find court cases and other relevant science and data useful in navigating through these uncharted waters. Members meet regularly to share ideas and fellowship and to spread the word about who is open and where we can shop, exercise, get our hair cut, have our nails done, and sit down with family and friends for a meal.

Local officials have sued businesses and churches, calling them "killers" and "public nuisances". It's time to tell them you don't want their COVID cash blood money. It's time to tell them you have had ENOUGH!

For more information please write to or call 800-619-1797. 


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